All Background Photos Were Taken by Yours Truly.

My Story

     My first and only art class was at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo. I thought it was the best way to take care of my humanities requirement, though it had nothing to do with my Nursing major. I fell in love. It became one of my favorite ways to escape from the stress of school. After I finished my undergrad, I applied to Nursing school and unfortunately did not get into the school I'd hoped for. I was sincerely bummed. With a lack of direction, I served clam chowder and became a beach bum for a year. After a while I felt the need to figure out where my life was heading, so I took a phlebotomy course because at least it was still in the medical field. I found a company that had centers across the country and I applied to 22 of them that had outdoorsy things to do nearby. With 2 weeks left on my lease, I told myself I would just take the first offer that came my way. That phone call came from Provo, UT. Utah was the only state of all my applications where I didn't know a single soul. But, I packed up everything into my '96 Toyota Rav4 and headed on my way! I was homeless for a week before I finally found a place to live, and boy was that an adventure in itself. 

     I worked for 2 years at the plasma clinic while adventuring and exploring all that Utah has to offer. During this time, I found my passion for nursing once again and applied to the Utah Valley University Nursing Program. By some miracle, I got in! And I survived two whole years of exams, clinicals, and meltdowns. 

     Drawing was one of those outlets that helped me survive, and now I am taking my hobby to the next level. My purpose is to raise money toward my humanitarian trip to Samoa in June by sharing and selling my artwork. This has been something I've always wanted to do, but never had the courage to go through with it. I hope you find something you connect to and enjoy!